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Lyès: Energy of Life

January 10, 2019February 15, 2019

After five years as Thomas Riley Studio, the Naples-based gallery, art consultancy and design atelier recognized for exhibiting innovative artists across all mediums, is now METHOD & CONCEPT. On Thursday, January 10, 2019, METHOD & CONCEPT will debut “Energy of Life” by French visual artist Lyès. The exhibition will feature six “wall-source” sculptures that explore the manifestations of energy in the world. An artist reception will take place at the gallery, located at 26 10th St S, Naples, FL, on Thursday, January 10, 2019 from 5:30 to 8 p.m. “Energy of Life” will be on view through Friday, February 15, 2019.

Inspired by quantum physics and Zen philosophies, energy is omnipresent in Lyès work. The six monumental, circular sculptures are hypotonic, large-scale fusions of acrylic and aluminum that represent the interconnectedness of the world—both literally and metaphorically. Steeped in spirituality associated with Mindfulness, Lyès sculptures are abstract tools that captivate viewers and help facilitate a heightened level of consciousness. The artist borrows from a range of traditions and art movements including Minimalism, Abstract Art, Conceptual Art, with nods to James Turrell and Olafur Eliasson.

Works in the exhibition include Eternal Cocoon, Union and Inner Infinity. Eternal Cocoon is a series of three interconnected, shimmering colored disks that use optical illusions to manipulate the viewers’ gaze. The silky textures and tonal nuance imbue a sense of peace and tranquility. Union takes on an identical structure but in vibrant royal blue, complimenting Eternal Cocoon’s warmth with a calm, yet inviting glow. Inner Infinity consists of two monochromatic disks—one black and one white that join together with shades of gray. The separation and ultimate intersection of the two tones demonstrate a cyclical quandary, that is, the ongoing dilemma humans face when trying to claim a place and position in the world. Lyès created this piece to reflect on the inner dialogue of humankind, the complementarity between good or bad.

“Energy Of Life” and Lyès’ larger artistic practice and Mindful spirituality offers a calm, optimistic counterbalance to the chaos in the world. His sculptures invite viewers to pause, think and appreciate the positive energy surrounding us all.

About Lyès
Lyès (b. 1978) lives and works between France and Hong Kong. Inspired by quantum physics and Zen philosophies, his work celebrates life and energy in the universe. He uses painting, photography, light and installation, often with a prediction for monumental artworks, to discover, enhance and demonstrate the magic, mystery and natural forces present everywhere. Feeling connected to the world, and wanting to act positively, Lyès joined the Social and Solidarity economy movement, and in 2012 created the Source Project. He aims to spread love, joy and Mindfulness.