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Brett F Harvey

Born in 1985 in Boston, Massachusetts, Harvey attended the New Hampshire Institute of Art, obtaining a BFA in Painting including an oversees intensive at the Florence School of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy before delving into his graduate studies at the New York Academy of Art.

There, Harvey’s concentration was in sculpture and anatomy studying under sculptors Harvey Citron, Randy McIver, and Robert Simon.He also painted under Steven Assaeland Odd Nerdrum. It was during this chapter of his tutelage that Nerdrum instilled what would become a dominant principle in his own work: "It all goes back to the Greeks."

Harvey worked under American icon, Jeff Koons as lead installer and master fabricator before relocating to South West Florida with his wife, artist Lauren Amalia Redding.

Brett Harvey’s work conveys concepts of masculinity and beauty presented in a dichotomy of intimidating physicality and pensive vulnerability, speaking to the inner emotions and experiences conflicting and encompassing all humanity.