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Joshua Wojick

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Joshua Wojick

Detroit based glass artist, Joshua Wojick reaches beyond conventional glassblowing, bringing new perspective and insight on the material and process, exploiting both the inherent fragility and structural nature of glass.  His use of the material expresses the full spectrum and potential of what glass is and can be.

With a foundation in the traditional furnace glassblowing of Murano, Wojick has honed his craft over years and believes that learning from past generations of artists is fundamental to being able to innovate in the present.

The functional and sculptural confrontations found in Wojick’s work helps to inform his approach to each new piece – both elements are of equal importance and consideration; from the intricacies of goblet making to the physicality of large abstract sculpture.

He finds great reward in the medium of hot glass and in the immediate physical and mental demand of the material.

“Each moment requires my full attention,” writes Wojick, “there is no stopping, and there are no breaks. Every addition of glass becomes another problem to solve—timing, heat and shape all factor into the end result. The smallest of details must be taken into consideration, overlook one, and the work is ruined.” 



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