Method & Concept: Putting emerging and mid-career artists in the spotlight

published on September 12, 2019

Most of us were well aware of the talents and artistry of Thomas Riley Studio, an offshoot of Thomas Riley Artisans’ Guild, one of the area’s most respected fine woodwork and finishes crafters.

Under the supervision of founding director Chad Jensen, the studio re-branded itself to Method & Concept, a gallery/design atelier/art consultancy. To speak with Mr. Jensen — a world-class artist, furniture maker and designer — is to be lifted into an engaging, educational experience about art, artists and design that leaves you almost as passionate about the subject as he is.

Method & Concept focuses on the contemporary side of things, specializing in emerging and mid-career artists.

“We are interested in the ‘what’s next?’ part of contemporary art,” Mr. Jensen says. “We really love that market segment of artists and designers because they tend to be very explorative with their mediums and materials. They tend to still be developing their voice and really growing into their work.

“And as artists and designers ourselves, and with the background of having a parent company with 30 years of history as a premiere provider of architectural interiors nationwide, we have an interesting way of working with our artists.”

That means not only through helping them by showcasing their work, but also by supporting them creatively —perhaps by building custom pedestals or bases or thinking of ways to showcase their talents in ways the artists themselves might not.

The current exhibit, “Design Dimensions,” features mirrors by Bower Studios as well as works by 10 other artists. It’s a perfect example of the kind of work available through the gallery: These are price-point accessible pieces of cutting-edge, investment quality work.

Mr. Jensen calls the artists “the next secondary blue chip artists,” and while profit can never be guaranteed, he says, many of the works highlighted at the gallery have seen an uptick in value. “What we are really proud of is advocating for these artists,” he adds.

Among some of the current artists available: Dylan Martinez, Matthew Shlian, Scott Daniel, Dana Roes, Jason Krugman, Pamela Sunday, Kate Silvio, Ysabel Lemay, Carmelo Blandino, Tadao Cern, Hugh Davies, Jamie Harris, Lyes and Joshua Wojick. Mr. Jensen’s work is also on display. ¦

— Method & Concept 26 10th St. South (but moving early next year to a much larger space at The Collective, 111 10th St. South) 239- 529-2633

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Sarah Baker

Art & Design Coordinator

Sarah Baker is inspired by artist studio practices and as the Art and Design Coordinator at METHOD & CONCEPT she is dedicated to supporting the creative process. A graduate of Florida Gulf Coast University, Fine Art program, Sarah is active in the SWFL art & design culture and is an artist in her own right.Integrating her skillset at a maker with expertise and knowledge of fibers and textiles, Sarah collaborates with METHOD & CONCEPT teams to provide an informed experience for art collectors and interior design clients.

Yose Alonso

Associate Interior Designer

Yoselin Alonso is an Interior Designer who focuses on functional design and believes in constructing exclusive spaces that evoke emotion. Incorporating the unique diversity of each client, her design details are profound, ensuring one-of-a-kind personalized spaces. A graduate of University of Florida’s College of Design, Alonso harnesses conceptual and practical skills that bring spaces to life from planning and construction through to the finest of details. Having grown up around construction and design, Alonso is eager to make her mark in the design world as a part of the METHOD & CONCEPT team.

Amy Jensen

Gallery Manager

At METHOD & CONCEPT, Amy is a champion for artists and coordinates season exhibitions and special events as well as outreach and community projects working closely with artists, collectors and community partners. Drawing from an arts education and two decades of experience working in the arts and for non-profit institutions, Amy actively advocates for arts & culture and enhanced quality of life through her work as Gallery Manager for METHOD & CONCEPT and in the local community.

Chad Jensen

Creative Director & Managing Partner

Chad Jensen is an artist, furniture maker, designer, and the Founding Director of METHOD & CONCEPT. Jensen is a true advocate for the arts, his work and the gallery’s programming both demonstrate the symbiotic relationship between contemporary craft, fine art and design.

In 2013, Jensen launched METHOD & CONCEPT as a division of Thomas Riley Companies, to represent international emerging, mid-career and established artists and designers. Jensen has exhibited numerous artists including Matthew Shlian, Peter Zimmermann, Tadao Cern, Kim Keever and Arik Levy.

In addition to his work at METHOD & CONCEPT, Jensen is an active leader in Naples’ cultural landscape, placing monumental public art at The Collective and Sugden-Gomez building at Baker Park. He is the Founding Director and serves on the Executive Board of the Naples Design District and the United Arts Council of Collier County, where he served as president for two terms. Jensen also serves on the Advisory Board of Digital Media Design at Florida Gulf Coast University, where he is a frequent guest speaker, gallery juror and student mentor.

As an artist, he has exhibited at The Baker Museum in Naples, FL; Rudolf Budja Gallery, Miami; as well as Guinevere, London. He has participated in international art fairs such as the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York, NY and the Shanghai Art Fair, China. In 2014, Jensen designed a limited-edition furniture collection that was presented during New York Design Week. Interior Design, Art Basel Guide and Casa da Abitare have featured his work.