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Pamela Sunday

Pamela Sunday

Pamela Sunday’s sculptures are a voice in communion with the natural world. Formed from clay and made by hand, they evoke invisible recesses of nature, from the depths of the ocean to distant galaxies.

Her rigorous process combines craftsmanship with intense physical labor. Each sculpture is hand built and unique, originating from a simple sphere, morphing into a model of a magnified particle or shrunken down celestial orb. She has developed a  repertoire of glaze formulas ranging from subtle earthy textures to brilliant metallic shimmers.

Sunday studied economics and math and had a highly successful career in banking and fashion advertising before discovering her love of clay. Her work has been shown in galleries internationally and profiled extensively in Architectural Digest, Ceramics Monthly and Luxe. Her handmade spherical meditations now inhabit spaces around the planet from Paris and London to Hong Kong and Mumbai.

After decades in NYC, Pamela relocated her studio and home to Jersey City, NJ in 2014.