Sophia Jensen is a Florida native and lifelong resident of Naples.  As a young artist who aims to convey meaningful and thought-provoking messages through her work, her themes include environmental awareness, social behavior and the human relationship with the animal world as well as architectural spaces.

At a young age, Sophia began creating using mixed media; and painting and drawing insatiably.  At the age of 7, Sophia connected a strong awareness for the power of art by starting a community art fundraiser for the sale of her artwork for, American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life after losing her Grandfather to cancer.  Through years of development and practice, she honed skills in digital media, drawing and sculpting with some tutelage under the artists, Brett Harvey and Lauren Redding as well as a brief studio assistant for painter, Carmelo Blandino.

Sophia is an active artist in her Naples community, participating in regular call-to-artists for United Arts Council as well as most recently, the Palmetto Ridge Bear Project.  Involved in the arts at Barron Collier High School, she also is a part-time Gallery Assistant at Method & Concept.

DOWNLOAD:  Sophia Jensen Artist Statement | Palmetto Ridge Bear Project, 2022

ARTIST | SOPHIA JENSEN         Con Artist, 2020                        Acrylic and Ink on Paper                10″ x 8″

Death of a Cable Dragon, 2020
Bleach on Textile
36″ x 24″ (x2 Panels)

ARTIST | SOPHIA JENSEN            Magic City, 2020                            Edition 1/1
Digital Print on Paper                           10″ x 8″

ARTIST | SOPHIA JENSEN                                The Gambling Monkey Dragon, 2020          Acrylic and Ink on Wood Panel                          24″ x 36″