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Tadao Cern

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Tadao Cern

Previously an architect, Lithuanian artist Tadao Cern switched to photography in 2011. This led to his series of wind-swept portraits, “Blow Job,” a new interpretation of Van Gogh’s self-portrait and a documentary photo project of beach sunbathers called “Comfort Zone,” each of which gained considerable attention. The viral success of these projects led to exhibitions across the world; they’ve won numerous photo awards and opened opportunities to create campaigns for many high-end brands including Samsung, The New Yorker, BMW and Chupa Chups.

In 2016, Cern’s work took a more conceptual turn with his newly created projects “Black Balloons, “Chromatic Aberrations,” and “Adobe Acrobat.” “I used to be an architect,” writes Cern. “Then I decided to try something new and switched to photography. After a five-year amazing journey, I’ve decided to step out of my comfort zone once again and search for something new.” This new work uses imperfections and blemishes and builds upon them, treating them as sources of beauty and inspiration.